Meet our founder

Portland Paella Project was founded in 2016 by Janna Mae Boren. She started her Paella preparation path many years ago when she worked for a Spanish import store in in Seattle and learned the nuances of the trade from the store's Spanish owners. She honed her craft by starting a small catering business in Seattle, catering Paella and tapas primarily for friends and family. Nursing school moved her to Portland, where she continued to cater on the side. Eventually, in 2016, the time was right to pursue catering again and Portland Paella Project was born.

Meet our co-founder

Pierce Lamb helped found Portland Paella Project. Pierce has spent his career in online marketing and programming and brings that background to the marketing side of Portland Paella Project. He leads the development of the website and manages all online aspects of the business. Additionally, he is Janna's Sous chef. Well, not quite, but he does help with preparation and setup/tear down of your event.

Meet our mascot

Arguably the most important member of the team. As you can see, George oversaw the purchase and transport of many a paella pan. As Chief Mascot, George keeps the ship running smoothly. To his dismay, however, his canine status denies him from helping out in the kitchen or coming to your event. Rest assured that he will be regularly checking in with his staff and making sure your event is a success.