A Spanish Tradition

Paella is one of Spain's most recognizable cuisines

Paella was born in the Valencian region of Spain likely around the 10th century. It's origins have been linked to the orchards near Lake Albufera, where Paella cooks of antiquity began the tradition of cooking in open air. Since that time, Paella cooking has inherited many different combinations of ingredients, but the tradition of cooking outside among friends and family has persevered. Portland Paella Project continues this tradition and offers a variety of ingredient combinations to match your tastes.

Why Paella is Right for your Event

Paella cooking is both a divine cuisine and a spectacle to behold

Paella is different from most catering experiences. Instead of food being prepared in a kitchen and delivered to your event, Paella is prepared in front of you and your guests bringing an entirely new experience to a catered event. The aromas and visuals of Paella preperation stir the appetite and the final product is beautiful to behold. A good Paella combines a well made soffrito with fresh in-shell shrimp and clams, Spanish chorizo, chicken, Spanish rice and delicious vegetables. The Paella is completed by the Socarrat, the crispy/carmally finish to the bottom of the rice that radiates flavor. It can be served with or without any of the above ingredients, indulging your guests varied preferences.

Common Paella Events

Paella is great for any group event